​​Striving To Bless Lives One Massage, Facial, Or Detox At A Time. Relieving Your Chronic Pain, Stress, Atheletic Injuries, and Fatigue In A Natural And Holistic Way.

Joselyn is a Dual Therapist (Massage Therapist/ Neuromuscular Therapist/ And Esthetician) She works with Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, Clients with Lupus, Clients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Frozen Shoulder, Old Orthopedic Surgeries, Scaring, Chronic Pain, Athletic Injuries, Stress, Fatigue, I also do Oncology Facials ( Facials on Cancer Patients going through Chemo or Radiation Therapy), Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, And Reiki.



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Healing Touch Therapy Spa Also Is In Partnership With Thera Creations. (Naturally Handcrafted Skin Care, Pain, and Moisturizing Products) 

I currently use the "Pain Be Gone" in my massage sessions and on my Athletes to help with pain. This oil/cream helps with tension, chronic pain, arthritis, pregnancy pain, athletic pain and injuries, swelling, helps with the pain from chemo and radiation, Helps with Fibromyalgia, dry skin, headaches, neck aches, cramps, menstrual cramps, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Boils, Stomach aches, Regenerates skin, Nerve pain, sciatic pain and helps with burn. 



New Item Alert!!   V-Steam  (Vaginal Steam For Women's Health) (For Skin And Vaginal Health)

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